Best Demos for Power BI

Made in Chicago by Gil Raviv.

Are you new to Power BI? Do you want to lead the way in your organization and increase Power BI adoption? You came to the right place.

Get Awesome Power BI Reports and Templates

Whether you are new to Power BI, or want to share your advanced knowledge with collegues, you can now get DataChant reports to demonstrate the art of the possible.

Gain Social Insights on any Brand

Analyze any public Facebook page, study influencers on any Twitter profile or capture the audience sentiment and controversies through Facebook comments and reactions.


Make Bigger Impact, Save Time and Money

Use the reports in DataChant shop to get hands-on experience and new techniques in data prep, modeling and visualizations. Practice Power Query to save time, and impress your boss with cool visualizations.


Be Self-Service BI Catalyst

With DataChant Power BI reports and demos you can become a true evangelist in your organization and accelerate the adoption of self-service analytics.


About Author

Gil Raviv is a Microsoft MVP, and a Power BI blogger at As a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Excel Product team, Gil led the design and integration of Power Query as the next-generation Get Data and data-wrangling technology in Excel 2016. With 20 years of software development experience, and four U.S. patents in the fields of social networks, cyber security, and analytics, Gil has held a variety of innovative roles in cyber security and data analytics, and he has delivered a wide range of software products from advanced threat detection enterprise systems to protection of kids on Facebook. In his blog,, Gil has been chanting about Power BI and Power Query since he moved to his new home in the Chicago area in early 2016. In his role as a Director of Analytics at Avanade, Gil is helping Fortune 500 clients create modern self-service analytics capabilities and solutions by leveraging Power BI and Azure.


What is DataChant shop, and what can I find here?
Made in Chicago by Microsoft MVP and the author of DataChant blog and the new Microsoft Press book, "Collect, Combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI". Here you can find the coolest Power BI and Excel demos, get new ideas for Power BI data prep, modeling and visualization techniques, impress your boss and colleagues, and gain insights on any brand using affordable social analytics tools.

Can I get a discount?
Subscribers of DataChant and readers of my book can get a discount of 10% - 30% on the refreshable products.

What is the difference between the refreshable and non-refreshable reports?
Most of the reports that are offered in DataChant shop are refreshable. You can publish these reports on Power BI service and set up the schedule refresh feature to have them updated according to the Microsoft schedule refresh capabilities. However, some of the reports are offered in this shop as one-time reports. You will receive the Power BI report files, but will not be able to refresh. If you have a need for refreshed reports contact

Can I share one of the products in this shop with others?
The Power BI reports that are offered for sale in DataChant shop are non-transferable. You can share read-only access to these reports via Power BI service, and only within your own organization. You are not allowed to sell this report to others.

What is your return policy?
If you purchased one of the reports, and for some technical reasons it doesn't work, you will get full refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

I purchased one of the reports, but I lost it. What should I do?
You are encouraged to purchase the report again. Unless you paid for a warranty, which includes ongoing improvements and fixes, we are not keeping old versions of the products.