Facebook Page Reactions and Sentiment - Licensed

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Analyze any Facebook page in Power BI. Check out the 9-page report in a full screen here.

When you choose the default report, you will get a non-refreshable version that analyzes the reactions and sentiment of Star Wars Facebook page.

To analyze your own Facebook page, or any of your competitors' pages scroll down in the Report Type drop-down menu and select the number of pages you wish to analyze - I will contact you to learn which report pages you wish to analyze and prepare the report.

The report file (.pbix) is a one-time non-refreshable version.

The report includes the use of Microsoft Cognitive Services sentiment analysis and key phrase detection of users' comments and page posts. For supported languages go here. For the analysis of more than 10,000 comments, contact me.

In cases the analyzed page has more than 10,000 comments, only the higher-impact comments will be analyzed (e.g. comments that receive 5 likes and 5 comments).

Note: The reports are not refreshable. If you are interested in periodical updates, you can purchase the 6 or 12 reports options, and get monthly updates. Have questions? Contact me at gilra@datachant.com.