Facebook Dashboard - Analyze Any Page - Powered by Reid Havens

Facebook Dashboard - Analyze Any Page - Powered by Reid Havens

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Update: Due to a new error in Power BI Facebook connector, this report will not refresh. Stay tuned for updates.

This report allows you to analyze any mid-size Facebook Page in Power BI (For facebook pages with large number of fans and comments check this report). You can reuse this report on many Facebook pages - Just edit the Page parameter and refresh the report. No need to be the Facebook page's administrator.

The report was developed by Gil Raviv and Reid Havens. Click the next page hyperlink below to view the report.

Report Benefits

  • Analyze ANY Facebook page (With less than 50 comments per post). You don't need to be the administrator of these pages. Just set the page Facebook name (e.g. MicrosoftBI, as found in https://facebook.com/MicrosoftBI), and the report will load the page’s data.

  • Identify posts with the highest number of shares and comments.

  • Navigate to the actual posts on Facebook.

  • Find the most effective keywords, or common comment phrases.

  • Find the most effective day of week and hour of day for the highest number of shares.

  • Find the pages that comments on posts, and drill down to their comments (can be spam messages, or responses by the page owners to user complaints).

  • The page's picture / logo and title are loaded automatically. No need to customize the report manually.

  • Use Power BI to customize the report to meet your needs.


Open the pbix file using Power BI Desktop, and click Edit Queries. In Queries pane, select Page parameter under Staging Tables and provide the Facebook object name in Current Value.


The Facebook object name is the parent folder of your selected facebook page. For example: microsoftbi is the Facebook object name you can use for Power BI facebook page: https://facebook.com/microsoftbi 

Once you set the Page parameter, click Close & Apply and load the report.

If this is the first time, you connect to Facebook in Power BI Desktop, click Sign in.


Proceed with the Facebook App approval steps, and click OK.


When you are back in the Access Facebook dialog, click Connect.


Depending on the page you decided to load, the refresh may take few minutes.